30 Mar

Water Bottle Sling

My Sweater’s Beau has his birthday within a couple of days of hers. He is sunshine, that man. I wanted to make him something that he could use on their excursions. He is the wielder of the pens when they cache. I had seen a picture of a water bottle sling that someone had made for their kid, and thought that would be a great idea! He is a big kid.

I sacrificed a pair of green cargo shorts that will be too big for me to wear this summer. The lining fabric was from a cache of stuff from a friend and was just like something he would wear. A simple rug twill tape shoulder sling and we were golden!

I free handed the pattern to fit the most awesome thermos ever made, which was stuffed inside when he received the present.

I also remembered to put in the tag I had made, a pic follows.


Finished with Thermos


Inside fabric with tag


Pocket Detail


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