16 Jan

The Secret Behind ‘Before and After’ Pictures

Allow me to pull back the curtain for you on something that the diet industry doesn’t want you to know. You’ve seen countless before and after pictures documenting weight loss as a result of a diet product. Well, there is more involved than just the diet product. No one can take a simple product and presto have the perfect before and after picture. There is much more involved that the diet industry doesn’t share.
Look into the eyes of any person in their before picture and you’ll see that they are disturbed.
The body they have is no longer in sync with the body they can accept. You can see some amazing transformations on my website tonystephandietitian.com for examples.
They changed the body that they accept.
Now look into their eyes in the after picture – see the sweet satisfaction? They now own the body
that they decided they could accept; and what a great feeling that is.

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