29 Feb

Cord Wraps

These cord wraps were inspired by the Blog Life at Clover Hill. I have two large cookie tins that belonged to my mother filled with all sorts of buttons. Likely my sister has a better idea where they came from, but I have the pleasure of having them in my possession. It’s nice to have something of my mothers to use and update into newer crafts.

My new machine has buttonhole capabilities, as do most machines these days. I used this project as an opportunity to learn how to use that capability. The instructions out of the manual were pretty straightforward. It didn’t take very much time at all until I had it figured out.  The pattern used scrap fabrics, and I tried a quilted look on one of them though it ended up just as a design to tack the layers together.

This was also the first time I used interfacing in any real manner. These wraps really do not need it at all. I will make more cord wraps to help wrangle the household appliances, and I can’t wait to dig into Mom’s buttons again.

Cord wraps

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