15 Feb

The fabric stash

I wanted to take a look at what I had in stock, this is most of the fabric I have not including three projects I have fabric set aside for already. What I did notice when sorting was I have a lot of interfacing that I had no home for. I had to do something about that too.

Here’s the stash pic, it’s a horrible panoramic I took with my iPad. but it gives a small idea of what is in those totes.

The Stash

The Stash

The interfacing was another problem. I keep moving it from one place to another trying to decide what exactly I should do with it… I decided to make a basket. Off to the trusty discount fabric store that BF4E and I discovered a couple of weeks ago. I wanted a semi-stiff fabric that didn’t clash with the livingroom decor….

This doesn't clash.

This doesn’t clash.

The fabric ended up being even lighter than I wanted, but it was all I could decide on. I had to interface it to make it stand up, and that used some of the pieces I intended to put in it. Here’s the final project.


It was horrible to sew, not easy at all since it was so large and unwieldy. If I ever make a box this large I will not use the pattern that I attempted. My fault for not thinking it through. I also made a smaller box that fits inside to hold the scraps of interfacing in case I need something small for any reason.

15 Feb

BF4E Suprise

My BF4E is kind of a pain in the tuchus. She doesn’t like to carry a purse and sometimes I’ll end up carrying things for her because her hands are full. Well, I thought I would remedy that a little bit.

Zip It Up Crossbody

Zip It Up Crossbody

We were scheduled for an outing together to go to Drag Queen Bingo and I thought I would whip this puppy up really fast. She loves Harry Potter but I didn’t want it to be a direct reference. The embroidery pattern is (of course) from UrbanThreads, the fabric and zips are from JoAnn Fabrics, and the pattern I got from a Craftsy class called Zip It Up: Easy Techniques for Zippered Bags with Joan Hawley. This class is great for learning easy techniques for working with zippers (which are not scary at all).

I’ve learned a lot from Craftsy classes and have a bunch more to view/practice with.

The pattern was simple, but I made the strap longer as we are Rubenesque women. Now she can carry her keys and wallet and inhaler and tissue and all the other things that I don’t have room in my handbag for!

15 Feb

Small bag for sewing machine cords

I made an adorable simple bag for my sewing machine cords from a fat quarter that my BF4E brought me back from her trip to Florida. It’s a Japanese-esque teal and black fabric that sewed like buttah. I got the pattern from DaisyJanie. Super easy to follow and the bag is the perfect size to hold my power cord, my foot pedal and the USB cord to plug the machine into my computer.

Cord bag