15 Feb

The fabric stash

I wanted to take a look at what I had in stock, this is most of the fabric I have not including three projects I have fabric set aside for already. What I did notice when sorting was I have a lot of interfacing that I had no home for. I had to do something about that too.

Here’s the stash pic, it’s a horrible panoramic I took with my iPad. but it gives a small idea of what is in those totes.

The Stash

The Stash

The interfacing was another problem. I keep moving it from one place to another trying to decide what exactly I should do with it… I decided to make a basket. Off to the trusty discount fabric store that BF4E and I discovered a couple of weeks ago. I wanted a semi-stiff fabric that didn’t clash with the livingroom decor….

This doesn't clash.

This doesn’t clash.

The fabric ended up being even lighter than I wanted, but it was all I could decide on. I had to interface it to make it stand up, and that used some of the pieces I intended to put in it. Here’s the final project.


It was horrible to sew, not easy at all since it was so large and unwieldy. If I ever make a box this large I will not use the pattern that I attempted. My fault for not thinking it through. I also made a smaller box that fits inside to hold the scraps of interfacing in case I need something small for any reason.