15 Feb

Dice bag

Honey needed a new dice bag, and I wanted something more modern that the old spellcaster bag I made him a while ago. This is the final result.

The black fabric was a find from the remnants bin at JoAnn Fabrics, I found a lot of it and use it willy-nilly all over the place. The green was a batik I purchased on Etsy a while back from The Knotted Bobbin. Unfortunately that shop is closed now and I won’t be getting any more fat quarters from her. Inside the bag is lined with a grey fleece fabric I purchased from the remnant bin at JoAnn Fabric again.

I embroidered the Cthulhu Crest on my machine and it gave me a bit of trouble the first time I tried to stitch it. I had to try it twice before it came out as well as it did above.

The bag was a free pattern I found from Noodlehead, but I did not execute it well, the zipper end ended up inside between the outside and the lining.

All in all I would like to try this pattern again, and hopefully get it right, but the DH is very happy with his new dice bag.

This was the final project I worked on the weekend that BF4E came over with her puppy.